You’ve probably noticed that I post a lot of updates on social media. Some of them are about my current weight loss journey. Others are motivational.


Why do I post this?

I think that being open and honest is the best way to succeed at weight loss. If you keep your progress to yourself then you’re more likely to let things slide. Just because no one knows what you’re working on.

I’ve found, in my opinion, if I post updates about my weight loss, it keeps me accountable. I also have found that when I post, my updates may help someone else decide to start their weight loss journey or even help them through their problems.

Could I go without posting on social media?

I’m sure I could but I think you need someone to push you a lot. Especially if you go off plan.

If I constantly wrote that I ate something bad without having positive results on the scale then I’m sure I would get a stern talking to by friends that see my posts often.

I know there are ways that people can be selective about what they post on social media. Only posting certain things then not having results will not help you at all.

In weight loss, I really do think you need accountability. Physically and Mentally. You need a physical friend to push you to get your goals done. You may also need some internet friends to light a fire and get you working.

Posting on social media isn’t a must. It’s a stake in this weight loss journey game for me. It’s a tool that I use to reach my goals. I’m being honest and truthful with everything I post.

Would you post your weight loss journey on social media?

Announce your intentions to the world and see what you get back from it.


Thank Goodness It’s Friday

Hi friends!

I hope this week has been great for you. It’s been a mild week for me. Not too shabby but I’ve been keeping busy. The weekend is looking to be somewhat interesting and it’s supposed to rain. 😢

I’m rambling now so before I get off subject anymore, I want to share a few things that I’ve been enjoying this week.

Let’s get into it!

1. Jump Rope

Earlier this week, I realized that I have multiple sets of jump ropes in the house. So, why not use them right?

I added jump rope into my workouts and I’m not great at it. I want to be so it’s something that I want to work on for the next few weeks.

It’s portable and I can do a workout anywhere. Plus, I want to learn how to do fancy jump rope tricks like the boxers do in movies. 😂

2. Halo Top Ice Cream


I haven’t had Halo Top in a long time. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had it. Angela bought some while I was at work one day and I was jealous. So, I went and bought a pint after my workout.

I got the chocolate chip cookie dough and it was delicious. Our local grocery store has a bigger selection of Halo Top now so I may try some different flavors.

I don’t eat this stuff every day but occasionally I’ll have a pint.

3. Baby G Turns 4 Months Old

Baby G is growing up too fast. My baby girl is now 4 months old. The time is gone by super fast. She’s starting to roll more often. She grabs everything. She even talks a mile a minute.

It’s exciting to rush home to spend time with her since I only get to see her for a little bit before work. She’s definitely going to be a handful when she starts crawling.

4. Bobo’s Oat Bars


A few weeks ago, I picked up a couple of the Bobo’s oat bars because they were on sale. Particularly the almond butter and chocolate chip ones. They’re Gluten Free, Vegan and Non-GMO.

I tasted both of them and thought they were just OK.

This week, I wanted to give them another try and I’m liking them more. They are very much an acquired taste but you can get used them them. They are very oat tasting with a hint of whatever flavor you get.

These are becoming my snack before bed so far this week. But be warned, a serving size is half a bar not the full bar!

5. Trail Guide To The Body book


I’m a nerd when it comes to learning stuff. I get fully immersed into it. This week, I’ve been reading a lot about anatomy and how it corresponds to trigger point therapy (massage therapy).

I’m not a masseuse but I’m really trying to work on unknotting myself. I have a lot of tense muscles at the moment.

This book has been a great tool to know where and how certain muscles are in the body. I know it’s super nerdy but I’m into it.

That’s all I have for this week. I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!


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