June 15, 2017 – June 21, 2017

begin again

It’s been my favorite week so far. I only say that because it was my First Father’s Day this week. But there’s another reason. I’ve been enjoying every second of what I’m doing to better myself over the last week.

Let me explain.


I’m still going super fancy with my meals. Really thinking about planning out meals takes time and I’m trying to utilize every minute I have. So, I’ve been in autopilot mode.

I will say that I let myself live a little this week.

We had taco style meals for dinner this week. So, I either ate a soft turkey taco or a taco salad.

There’s a salad dressing from Bolthouse Farms that is incredible. I wish I had a picture of it but I forgot. Sorry. The dressing is a salsa verde dressing and it’s SO GOOD!

Angela loves the Bolthouse Farms dressings. I’m not really a salad dressing guy. I like my salads plain. Yep, I’m that weird guy. But the salsa verde dressing is the bomb!

Back to when I said that I lived a little this week.

I had a pasta dish from a local Italian restaurant here in town. It’s been a while since I’ve had Italian food in a restaurant so I just enjoyed it. I think I had baked ziti and lasagna.

For Father’s Day, Angela took me to a local Vietnamese restaurant here in town called Sweet Basil. We haven’t been since they first opened a while back but the food was really good.

We split an appetizer and each had our own entrees. It’s hard to count calories on every dine out meal so I really estimate.


Workouts have been the same as usual. I’m really experimenting with not playing music during my strength workout. I definitely need music during cardio.

It’s still a work in progress.

I did add an exercise to my strength training days. Mainly, I focus on hammering a certain nagging body part. This week was primarily focused on beating up the glutes and hamstrings.

They are my biggest lagging leg issue.

I’m also focusing on my chest. I know I have a ton of loose skin around my upper body so it’s not the thing I’m focusing. I’m more into just getting a tad stronger.

Cardio is cardio. It’s funny. I used to love cardio. Now, it can be torture for me sometimes. Not all the time. Maybe I just do too much on the treadmill. I may have to try the elliptical or the rower next week.

Weigh In Day:

I went into weigh in day as I usually do. I just wanted to see a loss. I was hoping for 2 lbs lost.

Stepped on the scale and lost .8 lbs.

Perfectly fine. A loss is all I wanted and I got it. I’ve recognized that my losses have slowed down a bit. But as long as the weight keeps going down then I’m perfectly fine with the progress.

The first time I lose weight in 2011 was like a blaze. It was like driving on a race track. I started at 492 lbs and suddenly I was down to 192 lbs.

Granted, I only did cardio. No weights.

I definitely don’t want to make that mistake again. I’m doing things differently than before. The weight is coming off slower but it’s still coming off.

I’m really enjoying every second of this journey the second time around. I used my previous efforts and keep what works and try new things. I’m in no rush to drop weight fast. I’m only interested in dropping weight for good.

How is your journey going? Leave your comments below. I want to know how you’re doing.


This post is different than anything that I usually write but I felt it needed to be written. Thank you for reading.

Your time is limited
I’ve been thinking a lot about life lately. Or rather the end of life. It’s something that you’ve probably never really thought about. Truthfully, I’m sure all of us avoid even thinking about it.

But I do.

I have had a couple people in my life who have lost a mom in the past month. I’ve had friends who have had to undergo surgery.

It’s a scary thing to think that we are only promised the present moment. We could go at any time. I know it’s a morbid thought but it’s a thought you should have.

I only say these things to get to a bigger topic. Do you prioritize your health?

Just think about how many people are dependent on pills and procedures to live comfortably. Your life is sustained with medicine.

Could any of these things be avoided? Can we live a better life if we were preventative about our own health? Or do we live like we will live forever?

Never giving any thoughts to what we do to our own health. Neglecting it for years.

Companies make billions of dollars off the well being of others. Could any of those health issues be reversed?

I know I’m only one small voice but I know my time here on Earth is limited. I prioritize my health over everything else.

Is it selfish? Maybe. But I want to get as much quality of life as I am able to. I don’t want to be dependent on medicines and procedures to have a good quality of life.

I just celebrated my first Father’s Day on Sunday.

I never thought that I would be a dad. I was afraid to bring a child into this sometimes dark world that we live in. I never knew if we would be be able to have a child.

But we did. And my life has been forever changed since.

I want to be able to spend as many years as I can watching her grow up. I want to spend as much time with my wife as possible. So, I take time out of my day to make sure my health is in top shape.

I know I have work to do.

I want my daughter to see me as someone who is physically fit. I want to play with her. Travel with her. Experience different cultures with her.

I just want to raise a positive and kind human being.

Again, maybe that’s selfish, but I want her to see that being healthy is her choice. Her priority.

Your time is limited.

I want her to have the best quality of life. And I want her to have as much life with me and her mother as possible.

Every day, I will make my health more important than anything else. In a way, I’m teaching her how her health should be important to her as well.


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