I wish I had your motivation.

That’s what a friend’s mom said to me on social media recently. I had just posted a picture of how much weight I had lost that week.

Just that statement that she posted got me thinking. You can’t have my motivation. It’s different than what your motivation is.


I’m doing this weight loss journey for various reasons. All of which are probably completely different than what your motivations are.

You have to figure out why YOU want to lose YOUR weight. You have to find your why. Nobody can tell you why you should lose weight. It’s a journey that you have to figure out on your own.

I can tell you how I’m losing weight. Honestly, I can tell you what I’m eating down to each meal. I can tell you all the workouts that I do 5-6 days a week.

Will any of that matter if your head isn’t in the game?


You know what will matter. Changing your mindset. You change your mindset by finding your motivation.

So, how do you do that?

You have to find the things that are important to you. What are the things that will keep you focused on your goals? The things that you think of will always be in the back of your mind.

For me, the focus is being able to live a long life with my wife and see our daughter grow up. To do that, I have to put in the work now. The longer I wait, the less time I have.

That’s one of my motivations. I have many more.

You have to find yours. It can an internal or external motivation. It just depends on what drives you more. You have to know WHY you’re doing this journey. Once you know that, there’s one more thing you have to do.

You have to put in the work.

I’ll say it ONE MORE TIME: You have to PUT IN THE WORK. It doesn’t come easy. It really sucks at times. But honestly, that’s the only way you’re going to reach your weight loss goals.

Your WHY and WHAT you do are the only things that you have control of. So, go ahead and get to work.

What motivates YOU to lose weight?


I never thought of myself as an athlete. I’m the kind of person that was always picked last when playing sports. I was the overweight one that no one really wanted on their team. Sports wasn’t really my thing.

When I started running, I still didn’t call myself an athlete. I was just running to be social. I’m not competitive at all. I just ran for the exercise. Even in race situations, I was just running for fun. I wasn’t trying to be the best. I just wanted to finish what I started.

The past seven weeks have been a complete departure from that previous mentality.

For the past month and a half, I pushed my body to higher limits. That pushing started when I decided to sign up for the Roughneck competition.


What is the Roughneck?

It is a strength and fitness competition. It’s not powerlifting. I wouldn’t even call it a Strongman competition. It’s something different.

I would call it a challenge of the physical limits. The competition consists of two divisions: Heavy and Scaled. I signed up for the Scaled division since this was my first competition. Each division has several weight classes depending on the athlete’s weight. I was in the Roustabout weight class.

The scaled division has five events: Farmer’s Carry, Bench Press, Tire Flip, Tire Pull and lastly the Chain & Anchor Pull. Each event last 2 minutes then you have 1 minute of rest before you start the next event.

Why did I sign up?

I signed up for the competition to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I’ve never been an athlete. I’m the guy who just ran and occasionally lifts weights. Since I started losing weight, I wanted to try something different. So, I talked to my friend Damien (he signed up for the Heavy division) and he suggested that I sign up. He said that it couldn’t hurt to try it. I had nothing to lose.

So, I signed up.

Once I found out what the events were, I really thought about my strengths and weaknesses for the event. My bench press was horrible at the time that I thought about signing up. I think I could only bench around 120 lbs. for 12 reps. Seven weeks later, I bench 155 for 12 reps. I still have more work to do on my bench press. I realized my strengths were all in my lower body. So, I really trained on building my legs up more especially my hamstrings since they are a nagging body part.

I spent the weeks building up to the events really working on my weaknesses and improving my strengths. If I wasn’t training with weights, then I was doing cardio. I knew I had a 5K to run before the Roughneck but I was more focused on the competition.

Fast forward to this weekend.

I ran my 5K but I took it easy. My focus was more on the Roughneck than the 5K. I wanted to watch Damien do his run but I missed it. Luckily, his wife, Jes, recorded it. I watched him pull then push a huge Ford F-350 barefoot. Actually, one of his shoes started to come off so he did it barefoot regardless. It was insane!

After waiting for what seemed like forever, I finally did my Roughneck run.

My Roughneck Run:

First Event: Farmer’s Carries


My first event was the Farmer’s Carry. You have to hold to long pipes that have a handle attached to them. You walk up and down as many times as you can while holding the pipes for two minutes. My grip strength isn’t exactly stellar. I went into this event not expecting a huge performance.

I was mistaken.

It was probably one of my best events of the five. I’m not sure how many times I carried but I promised myself I wouldn’t let it go until the 2 minutes were up and I didn’t.

Second Event: Bench Press

The next event was the bench press. You lay on a mat on the ground and you press a steel beam that weighs around 135 lbs as many times in two minutes as possible. I knew I was only going to press this bar at least 12 times.

I got 10 repetitions before I strategically called that event. I wanted to save a little extra rest for the next event.

Third Event: Tire Flip

The next event was the tire flip. This event was another good one for me. I kept flipping the tire as much as I could in the two minutes. I started using the grooves in the tire as a grip to flip the tire more and more. I had to stop a couple of times but I flipped the tire for almost 2 whole minutes.

Fourth Event: Tire Pull

The tire pull was next. I will say that these last two events were tough. The tire had a rope attached on each side. I had to pull a tire attached to a thin rope across a white line as many times as possible in two minutes. It was a challenge. My tire kept getting stuck on the parking lot gravel. I managed to get it across the line twice but this wasn’t even the hardest event yet.


Fifth and Final Event: Chain and Anchor Pull

The hardest event was the last event: the chain and anchor pull. This event was pure evil. The chain supposedly weighed around 135 lbs and an anchor was attached to the end of the chain. A lot of people had trouble with the anchor tipping over which resulted in the anchor digging into the parking lot and getting stuck.

I didn’t have that problem.

The chain was just really heavy and awkward to hold. My quads and hamstrings were on fire by the time I got done with the last event. I got the chain and anchor pass the line twice. I was toast after that.

The Aftermath:

I will say that the Roughneck was an incredibly challenging event. Seriously, I had a lot of fun with it. The whole time during my run I had this mindset to win my weight class. So I pushed myself.

A few hours later, I found that I won my weight class. It was so awesome to actually win my first competition.

The guy who isn’t competitive became competitive.

I was just super happy that I won and that Angela and our friends got to see me compete.

Will I do another one? I’m seriously thinking about it. The next one is during the summer. Until then, I’ll keep training. I’ll keep dropping weight until I hit my goals. I continue being competitive with myself. The guy who never considered himself an athlete is actually an athlete.

Would you ever do a fitness competition?

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